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Tri-lingual Manglelation

I knew when he was born he was special. He is my grandson after all.

But even if he inherited all my “smarts” it wouldn’t account for the brilliant genius he has become.

He’s 21 months old and is fluent in2 languages and is on his way to mastering a third.

Yes. You heard me right. He already speaks 2 languages and is working on his third.

I’m lucky when I am able to speak coherently and write with a bit of wit in one language.

I took 4 years of the same foreign language in high school. I can still ask you where the bathroom is in that language. But I’m not a freaking genius like my grandson is.

The first language this genius, my grandson, mastered is Wooka Wooka.

He speaks it so fast we understand very little of it. That makes him none the less genius. Just because we can’t understand it, doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

His second language is Rednexican.

Another language he speaks rapido fast. So rapido fast, we miss much of it.

He’s working on becoming fluent in Southern speak as we speak, err, I meant as we read.

So far he has managed to mangle a handful of English words into Southern speak. Words such as gheet which translates backwards to English as eat. By the time he is an adult he will be able to mangle the entire sentence in to gheet jet, a phrase heard and recognized throughout the South. I am hoping he will also be able to mangle enough words to utter “how’s yer mommer n nem?”

That will be one proud day for me.

Why just the other day he and his mother were visiting me at my office.

Genius boy had secured his spot in my assistant’s chair and had coaxed her into playing some dinosaur movie on her computer. He refers to dinosaurs as rrrrraaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr. We understand.
We thought genius boy was mesmerized and was oblivious to us.


I walked back to my office to get my cup of water.

Yes people. I do drink liquids other than wine, margaritas, and Coca Cola. Not often, but on rare occasions it’s a must.

He saw me walking toward the area he was in, saw my cup and screamed his first Southern word.
Just to make sure we heard him he said it again, with emphasis and pointing this time. Coke.

I showed him the water. He was not impressed.

He is on his way to being tri-lingual.

I struggle to remember the words to the English language. Words such as “of” and “health” and “and” are complete stumbling blocks for me.

Oh, yeah. I also have trouble with what’s her name.

I’m convinced he’s a genius.

I’m also convinced he inherited so much of many of my smart genes the he left me lacking.

Fortunately the inheritance connection has been severed. Just in time too. Any longer and I would be a complete blithering idiot.

Stop smirking. I’m still smart enough to wield my poison pen, errrr, I mean keyboard.

And I know who you are.

From the life and mind of:
Wanda M. Argersinger
© 2011 All Rights Reserved

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  1. Our oldest son spoke only Spanish the first time we returned from Venezuela. My mother thought he was just teasing her, so she chastised him. That led to his not talking at all. By the time our daughter came along, we were much wiser. (Yeah, right!) We decided to speak both Spanish and English so she would learn both. That resulted in her speaking “Spanglish,” long before it was made into a movie. She not only mixed up the words; she would make one word out of half of each language, i.e. “wagua” (a combination of “water” and “agua.” It was a real challenge. We waited until we got back to the US to have the third and final kid. Maybe that explains why he’s the most “normal” of the bunch!

  2. Mine speaks bird, dog, and bug .He told me yesterday now that he was six, he thought it would be neat if he spoke “tiger” so he could translate for me.

  3. He is on his way to being able to talk to any culture that may exist…you definitely can say its in his genes….LOL

  4. He is definitely full of smarticals!!!

  5. Ha! REDNEXICAN!! I wanna speak it also! Wanda, if he is anything like you he is a FUNNY freaking genius!

  6. As a member of your family, I certain he’ll quickly become a quadra-lingual burbler. Pay attention. Take many recording as proof. It passes way to quickly.


  7. The little Master Linguist is catching on fast if he knows what a Coke is already. since I live near the NC/SC state line was confused for a second by “gheet jet?” Depending on a family’s last name it might mean “did Ya’ll eat yet?” or it could mean “git from here before I shoot.”
    I bet before you know it he will be able to say “Damn, Gamma, we in a tight spot!”

  8. ROFL! Loved the Rednexican! He obviously hasn’t drained all your brain cells yet. You can write such funny stories.

  9. Very enjoyable. I see how much having him means to you. These posts will be something he will be able to see when he is older and enjoy them. Or be embarrassed by them. Either one is cool.
    Love your humor and your take on life. Tis cool, Wanda!

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