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Do I Really Translate?

I write in English. I think in English. I dream in English. I even speak in English most of the time, though you may have to listen closely to understand me with a southern accent. So why are so many ...

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Any Excuse Is As Good As Another

If you are aware that the people you work with have strange excuses for being late, or for not showing up at all, do you let it bother you, or do you just shake your head and go on? Yeah, ...

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Farmers Farming Everywhere – E I – E I – O

  If you’ve done something in your past that does not fit with the image you have of yourself today, do you hide it, ignore it, or tell the whole damn world? Yeah, that’s what I think. I may not ...

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Looking For Fame In All The Wrong Places

If your family doesn’t think you’re great, what’s left for you to do? Run? Hide? Give up? Try to convince them otherwise? Face the realization and continue on anyway? Yeah, that’s what I did. My grandson has been spending the ...

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Pardon the Excuses

If you haven’t been doing what you should have been doing and have no good reason for not doing it, do your confess or make up more interesting excuses so you don’t appear to be lazy? Yeah, me too! I ...

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Penis Thefts On The Rise

What would you do if your penis was stolen? Whatever your answer, I can understand. Well maybe I can’t. But I can understand any concern you have about a theft thereof, if you are a penis owner. But beware if ...

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RAP-try (AKA – I Will Never Thank You Jason Aldean)

I have 7 radio stations programmed into my car stereo. Four of them I listen to. Two are mistakes. One I can’t get rid of. Of the four I listen to, 4 of them are country stations. Don’t judge me. ...

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Speed Read At Your Own Risk

What happens when you learn a new skill and then don’t use it for say, 10 years or more? Yeah, that’s what I thought. When I was earning a living as a geek/network engineer I had to learn to speed ...

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I May Be Slow, But I’ll Get There Eventually

Giveaway Time The nice people at PrintRunner are allowing me to giveaway a set of custom printed labels. To win all you have to do is follow my blog during the month of May and comment on the posts. There ...

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For The Lack of a Brain Nicole Was Lost

Have y’all ever received an e-mail or note on Facebook that makes you shake your head and say, yeah, mmmhmmm? Me too. It wasn’t actually me this time. It was my friend EB. I know he’s a Great Blue Heron. ...

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