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If you put yourself in the public eye and open to criticism of your work, and criticism comes from an unexpected place, do you run and hide? Yeah, that’s what I would do. Lately some of my books have really ...

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Tri-lingual Manglelation

I knew when he was born he was special. He is my grandson after all. But even if he inherited all my “smarts” it wouldn’t account for the brilliant genius he has become. He’s 21 months old and is fluent ...

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Do I Write Seriously?

You know how life just seems to roll along? You do the things you need to do every day. Or you do the things that you seem are important and will propel you and your career forward. Then you read ...

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Good Vibrations?

I want to be famous! I want to learn from other writers! I want to keep current on what writers are doing, saying and thinking! I want a break!!!! A few years ago I joined a group of writers who ...

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