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Life In The Land of Confusion

To Kill a Fly


There’s a fly in my house and it’s annoying me. It’s not an ordinary house fly. I know because I killed it five times yesterday. Yet it’s here again this morning flying about as if it owns the place. I ...

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Adult Children of Adult Children

school supplies

What do parents whose children are grown and moved out do during back to school time? My thoughts exactly. Our state, like many others, promotes shopping for back to school by having Tax Free shopping days. If it’s on their ...

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A Bleary Eyed Ant and Grandma


I was going to join my grandson at a movie yesterday afternoon. I needed to complete some work before I could join him so I said I would meet him there. The movie started at 4:20. I arrived at 4:28. ...

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I Bags


(Warning: This story may have previously been posted on this blog. I’m too tired to remember.)   I currently own 9,347 bags of various sizes, colors, fabrics, designs, and uses. On July 6th or sooner, I will have 9,348 bags. ...

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final ghost book

If you put yourself in the public eye and open to criticism of your work, and criticism comes from an unexpected place, do you run and hide? Yeah, that’s what I would do. Lately some of my books have really ...

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Heads and Tails

handkerchief hemline blouse

If you get to work and only then realize that the clothes you wore are going to cause problems all day long, what do you do? Yeah, me too. That was me yesterday. I wore a blouse with a handkerchief ...

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June 1st The Undeclared Holiday

hurricane surfing

If you know how important June 1st is to Floridians and anyone along the Gulf Coast or Eastern Seaboard is and you don’t recognize it, should you be shot? Yeah, I think so too. It’s June 1st in Florida. It’s ...

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Waterboarding the Office Way


If there is a continual, annoying noise at work that the boss knows about but ignores because he can’t hear it in his office, could the noise be considered a form of torture such as waterboarding? Yeah, that’s my stance ...

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Jammied Up at Work


Do you ever have those days where you get up, get dressed, and head out for the day and only when you see yourself in some window or mirror you say Whapaheo? Yeah, me too. I’m walking around in my ...

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Can I Really Handle What I Think I Want?

bed lifter

Do we ever reach that perfect age and balance between being able to afford what we think we deserve and actually enjoying those things? Yeah, that’s what I think. Or I did until two months ago. That’s when I purchased ...

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