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Life In The Land of Confusion

Jammied Up at Work


Do you ever have those days where you get up, get dressed, and head out for the day and only when you see yourself in some window or mirror you say Whapaheo? Yeah, me too. I’m walking around in my ...

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Can I Really Handle What I Think I Want?

bed lifter

Do we ever reach that perfect age and balance between being able to afford what we think we deserve and actually enjoying those things? Yeah, that’s what I think. Or I did until two months ago. That’s when I purchased ...

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Help, I’m Lost and Can’t Be Located

lost or misplaced

If you are unable to locate something you possess, do you consider this thing to be misplaced or lost? Yeah, me too. To a point that is. I’ve been pondering this as I recently was unable to locate two very ...

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If It Costs $35, Is It Really Free?

voice mail

When you have to deal with a stupid person who is supposed to be able to assist you, do you calmly try explaining your situation, or do you resort to your college training in creative cussing? Yeah, me too. I ...

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Where’s My Umbrella

If you grab something in a hurry because you really need it and then find out it’s less than useless, do you toss it away or keep it for some unknown reason? Yeah, me too. It’s raining here. It’s been ...

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I Don’t Do Math, But I’m Counting


If you failed miserably at something as a child, mastered it as an adult, but still carry that burden of failure, do you embrace the achievement and move on, or forever linger in the land of “I can’ts and I ...

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Run Away Bed


When you read something and you think you read it correctly but aren’t sure, do you shake your head anyway? Yeah, me too. I just read about bed runners. Uh huh. You heard me, b-e-d r-u-n-n-e-r-s. Suffice it to say ...

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All Together Wrong

woman in housecoat

If you see something that makes you feel insecure, do you keep it to yourself or blurt it out for the world to hear? Yeah, me too. I have such admiration and respect for certain women. I don’t know most ...

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Living In the Land of Confusion Helps When You Are Confused

glasses cord

If you receive something and are clueless as to what it is or what to do with it, do you throw it away or create your own uses? Yeah, me too. I had to buy new reading glasses last week. ...

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In The Middle of the Night


If you have a mind that wanders during the day, but goes beyond reality at night, do you ignore its wanderings, or try to capture what happened? Yeah, me too. I don’t sleep a lot, maybe 4 hours a night, ...

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