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Non-reality TV

long grey hair

When another former fad comes back in to style, do you ever wonder if it really should? Yeah, me too. Today I want to know what’s with all the long hair? I thought long hair went out with the 70’s, ...

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The Limit of Insanity

me email to me

  If you get annoying e-mails from someone you can’t block, can’t put on the ignore list, and can’t kill, do you ignore them or would you send them an army of camel fleas to infest their armpits? Yeah, me ...

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Smut and Valentine’s Day Go Eye to Something

I know. I know. It’s February 13, 2015, the day before Valentine’s Day and everyone, okay those outside of Pensacola, are talking about the 50 Shades of Grey movie debut. Y’all may be celebrating your day of love with bondage ...

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‘Tis the Season To Be The Victim – But I Don’t Need Your Help


If things happen to you that shouldn’t be happening to you, do you think you are cursed or do you look for someone to blame you can’t see looking back from the mirror? Yeah, me too. This has been the ...

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Watching Memories Go Up In Flames


If you love making memories with your family, but things don’t always go as planned, do you say “I Quit”, or do you keep trying to make those special memories to be remembered for years? Yeah, me too. Once or ...

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There’s Just Something About Homemade Pies


If desserts make the holidays, and you don’t always make the best desserts, what do you do? Give it up and buy them from the store, or roll with the flow and have others bring dessert? Yeah, me too. I ...

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Any Excuse Is As Good As Another


If you are aware that the people you work with have strange excuses for being late, or for not showing up at all, do you let it bother you, or do you just shake your head and go on? Yeah, ...

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Seventy-nine Shopping Days Til Christmas


When you do something so stupid it turns out to be great and actually in your favor, are you able to celebrate it as victory, or do you drink yourself stupid over a perceived failure? Yeah, me to. There are ...

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Quit Laughing – I’m Not Funny

2014-06-13 16.56.56

It’s not often I have a guest post on my blog, but when I do, it’s a fantastic guest. This week I’m happy to be hosting Hope Clark.  If you don’t know Hope, or know about her, you should. Read ...

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Oh Happy (Run Fast and Hide) Day!


Mabel and MayBelle could be twins but they were born 10 years apart. Aunt Clovis is on the funeral circuit looking for a husband. Aunt Maybelline is juicing everything in sight; fruit and veggies in one hand and a vodka ...

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