If you haven

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  1. Jody Worsham

    I pick #10an #11. Gray hair on upper lip sent me racing to the mirror. Funny stuff.

  2. Rose

    The “headache” excuse is old, but does happen. Also, you could reflect on your abilities as a serious writer, which conflicts with posting it on a humor blog; besides Dave Barry is the only humor writer I know of, who has won a Pulitzer. Your diary has taken precedent? Writing about all those hot dates that you have had from eSeniormatch.com is tiring, but beats the shit out of Martha Stewart’s conquests. Just sayin’

  3. Herm

    Only from the mind of Wanda.

  4. Anna

    Ha – I missed you. You didn’t say you’d gotten lost in Alaska. That’s always a good one.

  5. Jay Hudson

    I have gray hair above my lip too!

  6. Sharon

    Wanda, you’re back and firing on all cylinders. Hooray! Looking forward to more.

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