Well. They have it all figured out. My friends at the office that is.

You see, there are so many problems in the world. Famine. War. Injustice. Rampant crime. Political and financial nightmares. My co-workers had chosen to focus their problem solving efforts on me and my friend Ipsy. I suffer from a chronic illness and with it come a variety of challenges, problems and medical dilemmas. Of late I have been suffering muscle pain, excruciating back pain, and problems with my knees. My best friend, Ipsy, suffers from what seems to be chronic colds or allergies.

In an effort to help me and my friend, our co-workers have it all figured out. My problems are all related to my wearing of high heels. Ipsy’s problems are all due to the fact that she smokes. Well, a more accurate statement would be she enjoys the thought of smoking, but in reality takes 2 or 3 puffs from a cigarette and then discards it. I am not sure exactly how they came to this startling revelation, but that’s their opinion, and they are sticking to it. And choose to remind us of these facts if ever they think we are suffering from any health related issue.

Their concern is greatly appreciated, but we think it is somewhat inaccurate. I know for a fact that I am better off in high heels than out of them. Just watch me try to walk without shoes. It could be a comedy return for wayward clowns. And my chronic health condition is NOT caused from my wearing of high heels. As for my friend, the one who barely smokes, take her cigarettes away and the escalating crime rate in this country will go up. Particularly the murder rate.

I personally think their attack on my high heels is to make them feel better. If I give them up and resort to flats ugh then they won’t be pressured into wearing heels themselves. It ain’t working honeys. I’m not giving in. The co-worker most strongly after Ipsy is a former cigarette smoker. Nuff said.

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