I was going to join my grandson at a movie yesterday afternoon. I needed to complete some work before I could join him so I said I would meet him there.

The movie started at 4:20.

I arrived at 4:28.

I paid for my ticket, was directed to the black hole and stood looking for my grandson.

I couldn’t locate him in the darkness.

It took me three or four minutes to locate anyone.

Row by row I moved up the steps searching for a familiar face.

I finally saw two heads but one had more hair and was much blonder than my grandson. The head was also wearing glasses.

Matthew doesn’t wear glasses – on his head or his face.

I stumbled on.

When I reached the top row of seats I took one. From this position I should be able to see  the entire theater. I could see nothing as the blackout was complete.

The movie, Ant Man, was already playing. I don’t know how long it had been playing but the current scene was some man in a bed, ants all over the floor surrounding the bed and a woman standing in the doorway. The edges of everything looked a bit blurry to me but I wear contacts and sometimes I wear readers over them to see clearly. Neither were helping, but then I had just come in from the sunlight and had been searching in the darkness for my grandson.

I rubbed my eyes. Ant-Man-Cinefex-12

Things were still blurry.

I moved closer to the screen.

Things were still blurry.

I moved back but to the middle of the row.

Things were still blurry.

I rubbed my eyes again.

Things were still blurry.

I put my glasses on over the contacts.

Things were still blurry.

I took them off again.

Things were still blurry.

Ant vision. I must be seeing through ant eyes. No biggie. I’ve been bleary eyed a few times in my life. I could survive.

I sat at the top of the theater watching the movie waiting, nay hoping, for a brighter scene. It didn’t happen in my time so I began to move down the rows toward the only two people in the theater. I thought for sure one of them must be my grandson. I eventually reached the seats directly behind them and was assured my grandson was not in the theater.

So there I sat.



With blurry vision.

Within a few minutes someone showed up, took my hand, and directed me to the theater across the hall where Ant Man was playing. I was taken up to the 9th row where my grandson was seated. I took a seat beside him, in the dark. As I watched the movie I noticed it was all clear, even the edges. Nothing was blurry.

I watched enjoying the movie. It was much better than I had anticipated.

And clearer.

We ate popcorn, enjoyed the movie, my restored vision, and our time together.

When the movie was over we moved to the exit of the theater. To our right was a box with a sign above that stated, Please Recycle Your 3-D Glasses.


From the life and mind of Wanda M. Argersinger

© 2015 All Rights Reserved


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  1. Carson Buckingham

    Hilarious, Wanda. And I probably would have done the exact same thing!

    Thanks for the laughs!


  2. Jay Hudson

    Were they chocolate covered ants?

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