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What do parents whose children are grown and moved out do during back to school time? My thoughts exactly.

Our state, like many others, promotes shopping for back to school by having Tax Free shopping days. If it’s on their list, and you purchase it for back to school, and do so during their two tax free weeks, then you pay no sales tax on the item. Parents needing to save a penny or three wait for those two tax free weeks every year which in turn creates mayhem and madness for everyone, whether you have children returning to school or not.

First it screws up traffic. For someone like me, this would normally create havoc. I am what you might term an over the limit driver. No I don’t drink and drive. I drive and I drive over the speed limit – most of the time. At this time of year I become one of those annoying ‘do gooder’ law abiding citizens. I swear I do it in self-defense. I just can’t compete with the mothers on their way to saving 7 cents on little Johnny’s school supplies.

I have rights here. I have paid my dues by doing the school supply run. Fought the throngs at the mall so my children could have new clothes and shoes. I have packed my fair share of school lunches, sat in the pick-up lines, and dealt with surly bus drivers.

Now I take my enjoyment watching the new generation of misfortunates. I drive slower than I normally do by at least 3 miles under the speed limit.

I meander through the mega school supply stores stopping and looking at all the supplies I don’t need while pushing a shopping cart and leaving it sticking out in the aisle just a bit.

I shop for notebooks, paper, pencils, pens (I have a pen addiction), folders, scissors, colored pencils, and even tape. I don’t purchase any of these things. I simply shop for them.

I shop and purchase new art supplies for my grandchildren during tax free week. Sometimes

I shop for clothes, even if they aren’t for back to school. Hey, there’s no tax on these items.

I drive up and down the lanes in the parking lot looking for the perfect place to park. I even stop and wait for people to vacate a parking place, all the while cars are forming lines behind me.

I look at the new gadget wizardry drooling on the glass counters. There was a time when I always had the new electronic gadgets. Now I simply drool and block the counter.

I am not curmudgeon. It’s just a familiar place to go this time of year.

No, I don’t need any of these supplies.

No, I don’t need to be in the store.

But hey. When I find a way to relive my past and annoy the future at the same time, I’m gonna be there.


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