I’ve mentioned before in my blog that I don’t do numbers.

Yes, I find it ironic that I work as an accountant yet I don’t do numbers.

I’m not sure I mentioned this to the person who helps me with my blog.

In his infinite wisdom and desire to make sure my blog is not hacked or posted to by salgebra_with_numbers3ome nefarious person, he secured my blog. I can’t log in unless I correctly do some math calculation after I enter the password.

I have been thwarted more than once in my attempt to bring humor to the world via my blog by this calculation generator from the depths of hell.

Get a WordPress blog they said.

It’s easy they said.

You won’t have problems they said.

All true unless you have a guardian at the gates of your blog.

I do want my blog secure. Keeping that in mind I don’t allow comments to automatically post to my blog, unless I know you, I like you, and I have all your personal information.

I thought that was good security.

Not enough for my security minded friend.

Oh no. He has to go to hell and back to make sure it’s secure. I know he went there because that’s where numbers and math come from.

When I want to post I follow this sequence:

  • Open browser
  • Type in the address for my blog
  • Enter the user name
  • Enter the password
  • Answer the math problem
  • Try again to answer the math problem
  • Swear at the security on my blog and the person who created it
  • Try one more time to answer the math problem
  • Swear louder
  • Send a message to Mr. Security to unlock my blog so I can post to it
  • Return to the blog and answer the new math problem (8-_=5)
  • Success
  • Post the blog
  • Have a margarita

I do appreciate the fact that someone cares so much about my blog that they have secured it beyond my ability to access it but I wish the security were of any variety other than numbers. Even he should know that I don’t do numbers.

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  1. dawn@lightenup!

    Wanda, you’re a word person! You know this! Why are you doing math? Makes me glad I have my rickety old Blogger blog. No math (but I do have two-step verification enabled. Works very well.)
    Hope this comment posts. Looks like I have to answer a math problem below.

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