My Year In Review

• I purchased a new blackberry phone. 2 days later the touch screen blackberry was released and can only be had by “sleeping with the enemy” phone company.

• I got sick. I got well. I got sick. I got well. I got ulcers. I got to take a new pharmaceutical. I got to take a new pharmaceutical. I got my mind scrambled.

• I got Microsoft Vista operating system and Microsoft Office 2007. I no longer know how to do the things on the computer that I have known how to do for the past 25 years. (Note – I did not type this, my assistant did because I can’t figure out how!)

• I paid off my car. I refinanced my car so I could afford to purchase the gas it needs paying $3.96 a gallon. My monthly gas bill grew to a sum larger than my car payment was.

• I invested heavily in my retirement fund as I am getting closer to the age that I think about retirement. I lost my retirement fund in the stock market crash and don’t think about retirement anymore. I am now looking for a third or fourth job. (See note about unemployment below. I don’t have an MBA.)

• I traveled to Washington, D.C., Orlando, Tampa, Orlando, and west Mobile, Alabama. I forget why I went to these places, but I think I had a good time.

• I designed and marketed the Y-Mee Doll and later Y-Mee’s A B C Book of Emotions. I no longer ask Why Me? I just look under the letter “C” in the book.

• I redesigned my personal web site and the web site for The Lupus Support Network. I got them confused. I posted Bubba stories on the Lupus site where the literature should be and put the literature on my site where the Y-Mee dolls should be. I now have another perfect example to use when telling patients that all lupus patients experience cognitive dysfunction.

• I saw too many firsts in the presidential election to know which first is the best first and should be mentioned first in my yearly recap.

• I would have seen the summer Olympics hosted by China for the first time if I could have seen through the pollution present in China everyday of the Olympics.

• I saw companies close. I saw the government use my taxes to bail out some of these companies but only after these companies agreed to never reveal how they spend my taxes and agree to return for additional bail out money.

• I saw the UAW, once again, vote against pay cuts, opting instead for the bankruptcy of the auto industry. Proving once again, no job is better than any pay cut.

• I saw unemployment increase to a point where even McDonald’s can be discriminating in which MBA it hires as the new fry cook.

• I had my first appointment with a pain management physician. I had my first injection by the pain management physician. I fell in love with the pain management physician’s methods of pain management.

• I danced with my grandson in the kitchen for the first time in his life. I could do so only because of the pain management physician’s methods of pain management. I may be in love with the pain management physician.

• I found out that we all touch others lives, though we may never know the impact that we have on them. Apparently I touched someone years ago who now lives in Kuwait, which is as far as she could go to be away from my touching influence.

• I realized my true friends will always be by my side no matter how many stupid mistakes I make. I realized everyone else will either laugh or run fast in the other direction. I hope they laugh.

Happy New Year

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