imagesDo you have things buried in the back of your mind that are too frightening to access? Yeah, me too.

But that’s exactly what I’m trying to do this morning and to be honest with you, it scare the beejeebees out of me.

I used to be smart.

I used to know things.

I used to be able to recall all those crevices, cracks, and recesses of my mind on a single try.

I also used to be young and weigh fifty pounds less than I do now.

Not so anymore.

Sure I remember taking the HTML coding classes. I remember creating fabulous websites by writing code. No WYSIWYG for this gal. I could do it RAW, and I was damn good. html-source-code

That was before lupus, age, and twenty years crept up on me.

Now, I’m lucky if I can remember that I used to know these things. Not remember the actual things. No. Just remember that I used to know things.

But this morning I found myself desperately needing to update my website because my new friend from Oslo said she couldn’t find the descriptions for my books on my website.

Well, it seems I’ve forgotten more than coding. DUH to me. (Why haven’t any of you other people told me this was missing? Is it perhaps you too didn’t notice? Aha, gotcha.)

Anyway, somewhere between when I used to know things and now I let a real coding pro update my website. He convinced me that my WYSIWYG website was boring and old. I may admit to being old, but I’ve never been and don’t ever plan on being boring.

So here I was, faced with updating my very own website, by writing HTML code, that I couldn’t remember. At least I remembered I couldn’t remember.

I tried contacting my coding guru but he is on 7 other time zones, or at least 7 time zones away from the time zone I operate on, or something like that. He is probably sleeping.

I tried the copy/paste method but ended up with lines, spaces, breaks, and bizarre codes all over the webpage. It read like a page from the HTML for Dummies code book – the DO NOT DO THIS page.

I think I may have added the descriptions to the books. I hope that the descriptions are with the appropriate books. I hope even more I removed all of the obscene words that appeared in my coding. I apologize here for the apologies I left on various pages. Kudows to you if you find any of them. A free, autographed book, if you report where you found it and what it says.

I’m going to plug my brain in now and see if I can find recovery mode. I used to know things and have hopes, albeit slim hopes, that I may know things once again. (I don’t care if they are the same things I knew before, but I would like to know something.)

From the life and mind of Wanda M. Argersinger

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