I’ve been slipping around town late at night in a disguise so well designed I wouldn’t even know who I am. With untraceable cash in my pocket, I look for a car, or someone standing at the corner of the building on the lookout for me. I heard from a friend, who heard from a cousin of an acquaintance of a gal who worked at the local topless joint that for the right price I could complete my transaction. Anonymously. No one ever knowing how or when or by who. Money and a couple of hours of my time and it would be done.

I can’t believe that’s I’ve fallen so far as to seek out someone who was willing to take an illegal chance for me. It was coming at a premium price, but I was desperate. I’d tried all the normal routes, but no one was willing to cross that line called legal. Not even for someone they knew. Someone who had sent business their way. Someone who had spent untold fortunes with them in the past. Society has fallen on hard times when even a friend won’t cross the line with you.

Every other place I inquired of didn’t even provide the service. They would, for the right price jacked up only 7 times above the normal cost, provide the product, but that was the limit of their involvement. And even that wouldn’t arrive until June 24, which nine weeks away. I was already beginning to show, and it was taking a toll on my life.

I had not found myself in this predicament in eons. I didn’t know how to conduct myself. My hands shook for no particular reason, and I often stuck them in the pockets of the garments I started to wear. I was quieter than normal. I underdressed to keep attention away from me. And yet I snuck around the seedier sides of town, slowing my car, whispering for people to ‘come a little bit closer’ and hand me a scribbled address or phone number of a person who could to remedy my situation.

I knew it was dangerous. I knew if I found out my name would be all over the news and the internet. I was willing to take the risk. I was becoming desperate. So desperate I was utilizing my conceal and carry license.

Once inside, I saw the windows had blackout curtains drawn. I was told that the price would triple if I need two of the services. I replied that I only needed one service that they provide. I handed them the cash. The transaction was completed.

With enough money, perseverance, and willingness to degrade myself, I was somewhat successful. I found a place that was willing to deal. I handed over the cash, took the bag, and with my face covered I crept away to savor my victory.

With beautiful hands and newly acquired confidence and fingernails, I waved goodbye to the night until next month, when I was assured I could, for an increased price, at a new location, once again have my nails done.

© 2002 All Rights Reserved

Wanda M. Argersinger


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