To Wash Or Not To Wash



Mama never did it, so why should I?

Nothing or no one was ever harmed because Mama didn’t. Should I worry anyway? Should I investigate why she never did it? Do I have to do it even though Mama never did?

If I’m being honest, I’d admit that I heard about people washing their washing machines, but the news came from a friend who is obsessed to the point of being insane. She might actually be insane but never took that test. Or perhaps she is so good at being obsessed she has kept it a secret. Either way, I blew off the need to wash a washing machine and she has one of those huge high-energy units that require special handling, washing, and a massage every weekend.

Mama had a washer that was used outside, had a washing tub with no top and required galvanized wash tubs to hold the rinse water. This is where the clothes went after they went through the wringer. She eventually upgraded to a fancier one that was kept on the porch. She still hung the clothes on the line to dry.

I suspect that over the years Mama owned four or five washing machines, but the only washing that ever happened to the devices was what happened in the washer with water, soap, and clothes that made up our laundry. I doubt that any of Mama’s washers were replaced because Mama forgot to wash the washing machine.

I understand that there are people reading this who scoff at Mama, and even me, because we don’t wash our washing machines. I do wipe it down with a wet cloth once or twice a year, but I’m not about to wash something that is supposed to wash for me.

I’ve done research about

cleaning your washing machine, but even they don’t use the words wash your washing machine. I’ve also read that when you do laundry, water doesn’t get to all the parts of your machine. Do they really think I believe that washing the machine is going to allow water and cleaner to get to places that water doesn’t get to when washing clothes? How do the two washings differ? Does the machine know something I don’t know? And how does it know if there are clothes in it or not?

I think all of these washing machines washers are finding new ways to get at my money and my mind. My current washing machine has been doing laundry for me for over thirty years. I’m sure it has a fair amount of minerals and chemicals built up in its deepest secretive parts. Hell. Those minerals and chemicals are probably what holds it together.

I read something my dear friend Jody wrote about trying to purchase a new washer. It was exhausting, and she had to purchase something she didn’t want. She spent untold amounts of money on a machine that didn’t even have an agitator. I may be showing my age here, but no thanks.

Daddy always said if it’s working leave it alone. In this case, I’m going to listen to Daddy and not some expert who probably employs a maid allowing them time to write articles about washing your washing machine. I’m not that wealthy and can’t afford a laundress or a new washing machine.


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