OMG! Where r u? R u listening? What’s up? Y aren’t u paying attention to me? U r? Gr8!

If you understand that, you are either a teenager or the mother of one. Or you have been textually harassing someone. Or maybe you are being harassed on your social networking page. Or maybe you’re a stalker. Perhaps you’re just curious. Whatever it is in your case, it seems there is a new thing in this world to worry about – being stalked, harassed or textually abused. Yes, people. It is real. Yes people it does happen even to adults, or so called adults. It could even happen to you.

You may feel safe in your social networking world, but you never know who is spying on you. Gathering personal information. Trying to find out if you might really like them. I know, it sounds so juvenile, but even those over the age of 30 are being abused by what they post on their social networking pages. Your boss may check up on you. Your spouse may check up on you. Your lover may check to see if you are cheating on them and going on dates with your spouse. Oh the horror of what is happening out there.

Just this morning on the way to work, listening to an oldies radio station, I heard about how bad the textual abuse can be. They relate your 157 text messages in 4 hours to be the equivalent of sending a digital robot to harass the person you are texting. But hey, the robot’s voice made me laugh. Then they send you to this website called What did I do as soon as I could get my hands on a computer? Right! I checked out They have these really cute videos about people asking you for dirty pics, about textual harassment, about defacing and the inappropriate placement of comments on another person’s social networking page. They warn that if you continually check your ex’s social network page you may be obsessed and need serious help. One tab on the site even has what are termed “call out” cards. These are “in your face”, “get over it”, smart ass sayings to tell the harasser to get over themselves. They’re pretty funny too, well, except the one that talks about throwing up in their mouth. I find that one totally distasteful.

I thought I was pretty well connected digitally and up to date with what is happening but now I feel left out. As far as I know my boss has not read my social networking site. My wannbe lovers, if there are any, aren’t textually harassing me. Hell I can’t even get my friends to text me. They tell me, in no uncertain terms, “they don’t text”. But they are also the first you will see with their noses stuck to those tiny screens reading and send e-mails to Publisher’s Clearing House. The only comments I get on my facebook page are left by the friends who took the same stupid quizzes I took and got the same stupid results. As close as I get to being textually harassed is that stupid “clinical trial” group looking for 50 over weight women to try their “new”, “improved”, “guaranteed successful” weight loss supplement. I get those messages at least once a month. And I’m here to tell you I’m damn tired of them taking up my in-box space on my phone.

I say this all in jest, but in reality, there are some people out there who live and often die by this stuff. So if you are one of those being harassed put a stop to it. If you are the boss, the ex, the wanna be, the jilted, or the just plain mean, seek help now for your addiction. Go to and join a support group before your addiction becomes a tragedy.

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