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  1. Molly Swoboda

    Good morning, Whoeveryouare. I feel your pain. I logged into another “friendly” place yesterday to find this in my social rectangle: “You have NO Friends. You should go make some!” I guess it beats admitting their widget-minding matchmaker had run off with Mavis Cricklewhicker.

  2. Joanie

    Wanda, I’m still your friend…although absent for awhile; trying to get my schooling accomplished. Joanie

    1. Latricia

      It’s a pluseare to find someone who can think so clearly

  3. Sharon

    Funny, Wanda! Love the names of your “friends.” So creative. Now you know why I haven’t opened a facebook page. I get confused enough trying to keep up with email. Even so, I consider you a human friend, not a facebook one.

  4. Oh, my, Wanda! What an enlightening piece this morning. I had no idea what all I was missing. Yes, I am on Facebook, and yes, I have gotten many invitations to be somebody’s friend. Some of them (most, actually) I have accepted. If I look and see that they are a stripper or a pervert of some ilk, I tend to refuse their invitation. Now I have to start watching for “unfriending,” as well as to keep on the lookout for those people who will make me blush if anybody does happen to recognize them.Thanks for my daily education. Now if I can just make somebody laugh, my day will be a good one.
    Janet Elaine Smith, multi-genre author

  5. Dawn

    Well, I am one of your Yankee friends! Guess I consider myself lucky! So glad I’m not a Republican, then I’d be OUT! Loved it, I was laughing out loud. I adore the way you express your “addled confusion.” 😉

  6. Ingrid

    I am still your friend. I wouldn’t dream of “de”-friending you. I love your stories way too much, and you are the bestest friend. Love, love, love your stories!

  7. Joyce A. Anthony

    Wanda, I’ve backed off on both Fcebook and Twitter because of school, but I know how you are feeling. I went through the same things, but finally realized that sometimes the unfriending has nothing to do with me personally–and the same hold for you! Sometimes life just gets in the way and people need to streamline activities, I was never good with the friendship thing in school and hated office politics, so I’m not as upset as most about the unfriending thing–my TRUE friends stick with me 🙂 So….just think of unfriending as nature’s way of letting you know who your true friends are–((Hugs)) from one of your Yankee Democrat friends 🙂

  8. joworsham

    Hey, I know, let’s get the phonebook out and befriend all the A;s. Then you can send me your phone book and I’ll befriend B-D. If we know anybody from New York City, we can befriend A-Z and we will have more friends than anybody. I’ve never understood Facebook and only go there when I get an e-mail telling me somebody wrote on my wall. Never figured out how to chat on the thing.

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