Here I am, sitting at the out-patient office of my GI doctor, waiting to have a camera shoved down my throat for the fifth (5th) time. I

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  1. From the sounds of your visit, it’s a darn good thing you and our friend Molly weren’t at the same office at the same time. Might have been way too much for Florida!
    And for “this” (your typical experience), we are supposed to be thrilled that the gov’t. is finding new ways to pay the good doctors even more? Arghh!

    1. Kylia

      Thre’es nothing like the relief of finding what you’re looking for.

  2. Sharon

    Hilarious! Because it’s you and not me. I hope all those med prof read this and understand the experience from our side.

  3. Molly Swoboda

    Sorry they didn’t find anything interesting, Wanda. What a drag. At least I get to go back so they can get the tag number of that little Tonka truck roaring around my super highway.

  4. Dawn

    Wanda! I laughed out loud. “That bitch!” Only you, Wanda. Only you could make this funny. I love love loved it!

  5. Jay Hudson

    Oh my Gosh! Wanda, this was rib-tickling funny. I have had the procedures done several times, at both ends. After the third one I said to myself” to hell with your damn rules, Doc! I’m starving to death here, and I’m diabetic.I’m sipping a little Diet Sprite cause it leaves no evidence. Catch me if Ya can you Sumbitch!”
    Jay Hudson

  6. Jo Worsham

    OK, were you sitting there with your lap top writing all this? And no one was suspicious? I think you just have L-bow neck, from bending over the lap top and writing. I prescribe a full bottle of wine, a package of Oreo cookies, and a lap top screen hung over your bed, keyboard at an angle. No L-bow neck! If you can make fun of all that, I’m not too worried. Hope you get to feeling better really soon…for the safety of the medical profession.

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