Wanda Argersinger

I was born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the little town of Newberry, home of the state mental hospital. (I can’t believe I admitted being born north of the MJason Dixon line. Please don’t tell) Born with a purse and lipstick in one hand and pen in the other I was also born with a very vivid imagination and the need to write. I moved to Florida with my family in 1959 and consider myself a Southerner, reveling in all the quirks, Bubbas, bar-b-ques, and seafood of Southern life. I travel extensively talking to anyone who has the misfortune of finding themselves seated, walking or otherwise beside me.

In the second grade, I wrote my first official story using the spelling words for the week. The story revolved around mice that lived in the walls of my home, drank too much, and partied into the night. Though counseling was suggested, I avoided that path and instead chose to continue writing.

I consume books rather than read them. I love to read anything by Jill Connor Brown“ The Sweet Potato Queen, Robert Fulghum, Celia Rivenbark, any female humor writer, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, and even Kathleen Woodiwiss.

In 1992 I was diagnosed with lupus, a life-long chronic illness. At the time I was working as a Network Engineer.

In 2002 my illness forced me to leave that profession and redirect my life.

In 2003 I became the Executive Director of The Lupus Support Network and now travel educating others about lupus. Instead of giving up and focusing on the tragedy of the illness, I began seeing the humor in life and now write about what I see and share it with others. My two sons, three grandsons, and granddaughter are the joys of my life. I am currently working on three different books of short humorous pieces about life, especially mine.I do some of the craziest things by accident and freely confess them in my writing.

Life is the most interesting topic for any story. I find humor everywhere I go. I enjoy life, learning and sharing my stories and adventures with others.

Born with a purse in one hand and lipstick in the other (still there today though the purse is more like a suitcase and the lipstick is bright pink)

1962 – First story is written in 2nd grade using spelling words; subject – mice who drink too much and party all night long: teachers suggest counseling

1965 – anxious to ‘develop’ so can purchase the first bra (desperately need a support system)

1972 – Took twelve English / Literature courses in senior year of high school; counseling offered

1970’s – Married; gave birth to three children; gained much material for future use; sought counseling (need a good support system and need it NOW!)

1973 – Breast size increased from 34b to 42DD during 1st pregnancy. The doctor orders me into a breast binder. (I thought torture went out with the Middle Ages. See 1965 – ‘be careful what you wish for’)

1970’s – 1980’s – Siblings married; more relatives = more material for stories; suggested some of them seek counseling

1980’s – seek employment with pay and benefits to support my many addictions/obsessions & neuroses

1990’s – Exploding underwire bra phase begins (my support system begins to fail)

1992 – Diagnosed with lupus; choice of giving in or using humor to survive; I’m still here

1992 – Best friend went to a treatment center; desperately needed the humor to keep her spirits up; sent stories of sock eating vacuum cleaners, petrified pets, long-lost vegetables; friend survived – writing now a part of everyday life

1993 – Took first courses in creative writing; invited by the teacher to be Treasurer of local writing group due to my skills in this area (Note: not invited to write with or for the group)

1995 – Was nicknamed Lucy after Lucy Van Pelt (the nickel therapist) from Charles Schultz’ Peanuts character

1995 – Began writing seriously – OOPS!! Began writing humor on a regular basis

1996 – Developed strange obsession with getting up at 6 a.m. every other Saturday to visit with nail technician and get pedicure and manicure (OH, the price of beauty is high; see 1980 and reference to obsessions/addictions)

2002 – Bras still causing problems – now with the heightened security at airports (more trouble with the support system)

2003 – Told by eminent Physician that all of my problems could be cured by losing weight and purchasing a new bra (suggested he and his staff seek counseling)

2003 – Joined the local Footprints group to write my life story as a legacy for my children(that’s all they’ll get; I spent their inheritance on counseling and bras)

2005 – I found out by taking Turkish lessons that I don’t translate well and am incomplete and dead (being dead has its advantages – no more counseling or bras)

2008 – Bras are still a very big part of my life. I now own approximately 3 more than the ages of my children combined. None of them are sexy. None of them are from Victoria’s Secrets. And none of them fit. I have begun taking Arabic lessons so I can communicate with my Egyptian friends – though I’m not sure how that will help with the current bra situation.

2010 – Attended the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop in Dayton, Ohio. Found out I am not

alone in my insanity. There are other women (and one man) out there with purse and shoe fetishes, ill-fitting bras, and bizarre looks on life.

2011 – Still seeking perfect pain relief. Yes, the margaritas help, but I’m looking for long term relief without the long term effects. (I love you Jose, but I’m looking for someone or something new.).

Wanda M. Argersinger