Bare Elements - Stories of Women of the South

Redemption Ridge: The Claymore family has been shamed and tormented since the Confederate surrender at Redemption Ridge. Shamed by the actions of Captain Bruce Claymore and tormented by the jewels last seen in his traitorous hands. The entire family longs for redemption as well as for the priceless jewels lost during the war. With familial relationships in shambles, only Vernenell, the longtime houskeeper, still believes in the human spirit and keeps the family together. The Claymore story offers hope for all of us. Thanks to Vernell's courage, this family can finally break the bonds of bigotry and ignorance and move forward. Intrigue, pain, love, and laughter make this a story for all ages. It is truly a story of redemption.

Jan 22, 2013
By Wanda M. Argersinger & R C White & Lottie Boggan.