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What To Do With The Unexpected

I received an offer for an orgasm today. It came over the internet. From a man I don’t know. Whose name I can’t pronounce. Spelled with letters I don’t recognize. From a country I’ve never visited. His offer led me ...

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Please Don’t Read Between The Lines

There are times in everyone’s life when they read between the lines trying to figure out exactly what the person who wrote the words really meant. Reading Help Wanted Ads is not one of these times when this skill should ...

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Laughter Shouldn’t Require This Much Work

First, let me state, categorically, here and now, that I hate Spring Forward and Fall Back, otherwise known as the change to and from Daylight Savings Time. This particular blog is not directly about the time change, but indirectly it ...

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A Boy Named – What The Hell?

His mother is a beautiful young lady who speaks Spanish. His father is a big, good ole Southern Boy. They are expecting their first child together – a son. I am the grandmother who speaks a little Spanglish and a ...

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