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Damn! A Place For Everything

Do you swear? Or curse? How about cuss? Use foul language? How about in traffic when that dumb *!+&%@+# cuts you off? What about when your computer won’t boot, accept your password or stops computing all together? In the heat ...

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Screw You New Year

It’s January 25, 2011. Six more days and this entire month of 2011 will be gone. Difficult to believe but when I put the year in this context I understand it makes a little bit of sense. I just realized ...

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Not A Teenager Once Again

If you lie it will come back to bite you in the ass. Even if you don’t remember lying. Facebook keeps teasing me saying I can find my long lost but yet oh so dear friends by using some App ...

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Bay Day Days

If you wake up and just know it’s going to be a bad day, do you try to smile anyway to lighten the mood? Yeah, me too. Some people have bad hair days. Some people have bad days because they ...

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It Wasn’t Supposed To Be Funny

My friend Alex, who runs a small printing business, received this e-mail yesterday from one of his customers who has an outstanding balance on his account. From: office@drImInCharge [mailto:office@drImInCharge] Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2011 9:48 PM To: Alex Duncan Subject: ...

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Midnight Crappers

Holy chocolate! Who crapped in my bed? I mean it. I demand to know who crapped in my bed. I have no dogs living in my house. I have no cats living in my house. I have no young children ...

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Witches For Hire

Have you heard about the witches? The ones in Romania? The ones who orchestrated a group assembly yesterday to place curses on the government? For the first time in Romanian history the witches, warlocks, fortune tellers, astrologers, dragon tamers, Samantha ...

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How’s My Driving?

If you see something suspicious and are given the opportunity to do something about it, or report it to some authority, would you do it? Yeah, me too. “Uh, hello. Is this the comment or complaint line?” “It is? Good.” ...

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