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Observations From The Waiting Room

I spend a lot of time in observation of people. I have a lot of time available for observing as a significant amount of my observing lately has been done in waiting rooms. Being sick is a full time job ...

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Florida Visitation Rules

I tried to do away with rules when my sons left home, hence the spoiling of grandchildren. But with Jody’s visit looming on the horizon I find things wandering through my mind at 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. and midnight. ...

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Scare Tactics

I frighten children. And teenagers. And timid adults. Sometimes intentionally. Most of the time without my intention. When I am made aware of my scare tactics I am often taken aback (not sure what that means but it sounds good ...

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Company’s Coming – Is It Time To Panic Yet?

There aren’t many things worse for a humor writer than trying to write when you have nothing to write about. Nothing worse except trying to put your physical house in order knowing guests are coming. I’d rather write about nothing ...

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