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I’m Not Good Enough For These Sheets

If you did something years ago that is now causing problems in the life you want to have, is there anything you can do about it now? Yeah, that’s what I thought. I haven’t been poor for my entire life. ...

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Farmers Farming Everywhere – E I – E I – O

  If you’ve done something in your past that does not fit with the image you have of yourself today, do you hide it, ignore it, or tell the whole damn world? Yeah, that’s what I think. I may not ...

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Lessons From Robin Williams

I had a humorous blog scheduled to post this morning, and then I heard about the death of Robin Williams. I never met him, but know of his comedic genius. I grew up with him spouting nanu nanu and shazbot from ...

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Looking For Fame In All The Wrong Places

If your family doesn’t think you’re great, what’s left for you to do? Run? Hide? Give up? Try to convince them otherwise? Face the realization and continue on anyway? Yeah, that’s what I did. My grandson has been spending the ...

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