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Do I Have My Synapses Crossed?

What is the opposite of writer’s block? You don’t know? Yeah, me too.

But I think I have it and it’s wearing me down.

Some days I muddle through life like everyone else on this planet. Then there are those days when things are really firing upstairs and I can’t keep up with all the activity. I am a Southern gal and move a bit slower than my brain on days like today. These fleeting flashes of brilliance hold me hostage in a battle I can’t win.

I am an idea person.

Ideas happen.

Sometimes they happen one at a time. Sometimes they come in waves of 7 or more in one blinding flash.

I have no control over what they might be, when they might happen, if I will have enough of my senses about me to write them down before they are gone, or if I will even be awake enough to know about them.

Because I work paying jobs, and write, and garden, and wish to do a million other things, the ideas get flying in multiple directions and I can’t catch them all. First it’s an idea about lupus, then it’s a story for me, then another story, then a project, then something else. Before I know it the ideas get mixed with the stories that are mixed with the projects and I come up with something like having a costume ball, in winter, to celebrate World Lupus Day, wearing orange with wrinkled babies as the logo. Don’t ask. It makes sense to me.

When all of this firing goes on it’s overwhelming. It’s exhausting. It’s debilitating.

I have more ideas and thoughts than my little ole brain can handle.

I need, and yes this is a real physical need, to write, but am unable to do so.

I want to get the projects going, but can’t seem to find my way.

I feel the need to share the ideas and allow them to grow but I can’t figure out with whom I am supposed to share them.

I am, for lack of better words, stuck.

I haven’t hit a wall. I don’t think I have writer’s block. I haven’t run out of ideas. I have been run over by them and left in their tracks.

I asked a friend of mine if this is a natural state, meaning, does everyone experience times where they are run over by ideas. He said he didn’t think it was for the normal person. Is he implying I’m not normal? Don’t answer that. I have real questions that need consideration.

Questions about this idea overload, what to do with it, can it be controlled, is soft bubble gum better than the stuff with hard coating. Wait. That doesn’t belong here. Oh well, on with the questions.

Which is worse – writer’s block, or writer’s overload?

Once born, does an idea die if not given life?

If I have an idea and don’t get to write it down or act upon it, will it float to someone else’s head?

Where do all the bad ideas go?

Do ideas float around like some cosmic sphere just waiting for a person to be tuned to the proper channel so the ideas can find their way into an unsuspecting mind?

Okay. So now you know I am not normal. I am given to short but intense flashes of brilliance. I don’t always get time to write them down so they get mixed up in mind and sometimes make it to paper in the screwed up form.

I make no apologies for this but if you have an idea of how to record all this brilliance while it is still flashing please let me know. I’m leaking ideas by the minute here and time could be of the essence.

Until then, me and my life will remain befuddled.

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Wanda M. Argersinger

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  1. You strap a tablet of paper to one hand. On on finger you use duct tape to secure a pen. After this, you may record any and all ideas. As for idea overload, I have that problem.

  2. Oh, Wanda, I can so relate on this one. I have over 100 books floating around in my head–and they keep multiplying! It has gotten so bad that I even dream up more of them when I sleep. Which is worse, writers block or writers overload? Heaven only knows the answer to that one. I think it would help if the hours in my days would expand as fast as the ideas do. I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. If I do, I’ll let you know.
    You “abnormal” buddy, Janet Elaine Smith, multi-genre author

  3. I have writer’s amnesia/idea syndrome. I write brilliant pieces when I am in some kind of altered state. Later, sometimes years later, I discover the forgotten piece and think “Dang, this is good. Wonder who wrote it?”

  4. I have alerted the international meteorologists that the stuff huffing and puffing over Iceland isn’t volcanic ash after all. It’s exhaust from Wanda’s brain. Volunteers with large fans should be arriving soon.

  5. Welcome to my world, Wanda!!!

  6. Way to go, Wanda! Funny and so relatable. I waver between the two states but it seems that “block” overwhelms “overload.” Of course I get my best ideas at work or in the shower and promptly forget them.

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