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To Doo Or Not To Doo

If someone asks you a question and you answer without thinking, is it possible that your answer was biased, prejudiced, or comes from a preconceived idea? Yeah, that’s what I think too.

My dog of twelve years died four years ago. For the past year I have thought about, talked about, and toyed with the idea of getting another dog. I’ve even gone as far as looking on petfinder.com to see what dog screams ‘come rescue me’. Thus far I’ve been able to keep the pleas at bay.

My friend Nana Kaye knows that I have been considering getting another dog. I might have mentioned it a few times, but I don’t dwell on it. So I’m not sure why she chose today to remember this fact, but she did.

“Weren’t you thinking about getting another dog?”

“Yes, and then I remembered dog s#!t.”

“Is that what you think about when you think of another dog?”

“Well apparently so. It was the first thing that came out of my mouth.”

She laughed. “Yes, it must be nice to be able to go home and not worry about dealing with dog s#!t.”
Nana Kaye has had a dog in her house for 3 years now. Her three daughters begged for years and finally, one Christmas, she gave in.

“Yup. And it doesn’t seem to matter how I envision a dog in my life, there is always the dog s#!t. You keep the dog inside and you eventually have to deal with dog s#!t. You keep the dog outside and you have to clean the dog s#!t from the yard. Everything about a dog seems to involve the inevitable dog s#!t.”

“Well, yeah. But don’t you miss your dog?”

“Sure I do. But I don’t miss the dog s#!t.”

My unconscious had spoken. Or perhaps it was the conscious me that used to be the one charged with cleaning the dog s#!t.

I was a bit surprised that it came out so automatically. So unprompted. Mention dog, and apparently I think dog s#!t. And I’ve had some really good dogs in my lifetime. I’ve obviously had more than a life full of dog s#!t also.

So you’re wondering what was the first thing I did when we stopped talking about dogs and dog s#!t? I went to petfinder.com and started looking for the next dog that will live at my house. I hope it comes with dog s#!t too, because if not, it’s broken.

From the life and mind of:
Wanda M. Argersinger
© 2010 All Rights Reserved

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  1. Ha! I was the same as you, Wanda. The same! Then I fell in love with big brown eyes. And I just cleaned a big puddle of dog p#ss off the floor.

  2. The best dogs I ever found were at toys r us. I like dogs but I prefer cats. Even the sh** stays inside and gets cleaned every other day.

  3. Yup! That’s the #1 thought, then comes: vet bills and what to do with Poochie when I’m not home. (I expect to work until I’m 90). Dogs are great, so are cats, but…. I’m lazy.

  4. hahahahaha….I just love you and you need a dog…sh** and all!

  5. Oh S#it! Now you got me wanting another dog. I love dogs. In fact, I love all the barnyard smells, including cow s#it,chicken s#it, ’cause along with all those wonderful smells comes the scent of morning glories, lavender,honeysuckle,apples and sugar pears,sweet potato vines and fresh mown hay and…It’s fresh air!

    Jay Hudson

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