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Random Thoughts About Hurricane Ida

 Sunday – November 8, 2009:

Category 1 Hurricane Ida bearing down on the Gulf Coast. Expected to make land fall late Monday, early Tuesday morning at less than Category 1. What does that make it? A non-hurricane?

The governor of Louisiana, 3 states away, has declared a state of emergency. Projected land fall of the non-hurricane will be 2 perhaps 3 complete states to the east of Louisiana.

The Gulf of Mexico is cooler in the fall and winter months. This does not provide a good climate for hurricane growth. Hurricane Ida is expected to lose strength in the next 24 hours.

Just received a call from Anna. Escambia County Schools will be closed Monday and Tuesday due to Hurricane (???) Ida.  Can we all say “over react?”

Received call from number 1 son, who lives in Escambia County in a mobile home. If the winds are high they will be coming to stay with me for a day or two. This I actually understand. Mobile homes are not safe in windy conditions.

Received message from Anna. The local bridges will be closed if the winds reach 45 mph. Huh? A good sea breeze is more than that.

Monday – November 9, 2009:

Panic mode has set in.

Radio stations are now reporting what is closed and what is open. Delays reported at all local airports, bus terminals, gas stations, grocery stores, and nail salons.

Bread and water are in short supply. Panic is not. Wait 24 hours and you will have more water than you want. You’re on your own for the bread.

Voluntary evacuation is being urged. Everyone living in a low lying area is being urged to leave now. Duh?  The entire State of Florida is a low lying area.

We had one of the most lack luster hurricane seasons I can remember. I don’t remember being threatened by even one storm in the 2009 season until now. Twenty-one more days and the season would be a thing of the past. All Emergency Personnel are making up for the poor hurricane season by focusing all that wasted effort on Hurricane Ida. It gives them job security and a reason for wielding power and threats.

Wednesday is a federal holiday so now the children will have a 5 day weekend. Parent’s have lost their minds and don’t know what to do with the children so they can go to work.

I have prepared for the arrival of Ida in any form. I have ice, and wine, and plenty of liquor, crackers, cheese, batteries, and determination. I am a survivor and will come out alive and probably wasted due to the panic.

I survived Betsy, Camille, Frederick, Erin, Opal, Ivan, and a host of other hurricanes with bad names.

I had an Aunt name Ida. She was much more frightening than this non-hurricane could ever be.

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  1. So here we sit waiting for something that is brand new to Florida….RAIN…..LOL. I guess I am one of these that jumped though as I left the office early to “prepare” for this crazy mess.

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