The Education of Joe Willy

The Education of Joe-Willy tells the compelling tale of two strangers brought together by chance and the ever present connectivity of the internet.
Joe Williams is an introverted, hard-working young man yearning to better himself and break free of his small town past. This leads him to enroll in online collegiate classes and quit his job driving a log truck.
Cindy Clarke is Joe’s online advisor. Her vivacious personality and genuine desire to help other people help them-selves spells a recipe for disaster when Joe is assigned to Cindy’s student load.
As Joe’s infatuation with his advisor transforms into obsession, Cindy Clarke remains only dimly aware of Joe as a person and possibly provides the spark that leads them both to the impelling, unavoidable climax.

Dec 9, 2013
By Wanda M. Argersinger & Clay Mercer.