Lupus Lies and Lipstick

Lupus is medically described as an inflammatory disease caused when the immune system attacks its own tissues. If you are reading this, whether you’re holding a book in your hand or you’re browsing through Amazon, I’d say there’s a fair chance you’re really looking for more information than is contained in a medical description of the disease. This book gives you the information you’re looking for, but it does so in the telling of the story of one woman’s battle with the disease itself, as well as her battle with the medical community, a community that has been unwilling to listen to her, unwilling to believe her when they did listen, and quite obviously unwilling to accept its own diagnosis of her condition, once they finally decided it was, in fact, Lupus.
This book is a raw, visceral examination of the things some Lupus patients can expect to experience. That statement is necessary to be qualified, since not all Lupus patients react to the disease in the same way. More than that, though, Ms. Argersinger provides not only how her body reacts to the disease, but also those qualities of resilience and intestinal fortitude, and humor, required by patients to find the doctors they need, the medications they need, the support they need, and the sanity they must preserve. Horrifying, perhaps, and certainly unnerving, but LL&L certainly accomplishes its stated purpose: To provide useable knowledge to Lupus patients. Certainly it is a job well done..

May 10, 2017
By Wanda M. Argersinger.