When you do something so stupid it turns out to be great and actually in your favor, are you able to celebrate it as victory, or do you drink yourself stupid over a perceived failure? Yeah, me to.

There are exactly 79 shopping days left before Christmas 2014. I thought I’d share that with you, not to worry you, stress you, or even put you in a panic. I do it to give you a measuring tool for my accomplishment. I, yes the me who florida_christmas_30006never even goes in to a store, already have presents in my house for the giving this Christmas year. I know. I know. It’s exciting. Well, it would be if I could take total credit for them, which I am trying to do. With the help of enough wine, I just might get to that point, too.

I was the one who selected them with great care taking in to consideration popularity and victim, err, I mean, recipient.

I am also the who toiled untold hours earning money with which to pay for them.

I am the who used my hard earned money to purchased them.

And I was the one who had them shipped to my address. (See note above about never entering a store. E-V-E-R.)

But, alas, I was also the one who forgot to present them to said recipients for Christmas 2013. You got it. I am a gift giving failure.

Well, not totally.

I gave them gifts. Lots of gifts. Most of them even went to the right person and actually fit. I know a few went to the wrong people and also that my sons no longer wear the same size pants they did just a year ago. But you can’t say I didn’t try.

Even though they didn’t get these gifts last year, they are still in style. I think. Duck Dynasty is, after all, still on television. Right?

This past weekend while I was moving the boxes that brought last year’s Christmas gifts from the spare room to another room in my house, I noticed that one of the boxes was not empty. It wasn’t difficult to figure this out for when I tried to break it down to save space things fell from its interior. Upon inspection I found articles of clothing still sealed in their plastic bags. I instantly recognized them as something I probably purchased to give as a Christmas present in 2013. I’m sharp that way. Besides, there were two things. Different sizes. I don’t purchase things like that except at Christmas. I am nothing, if not given to deductive reasoning…and losing gifts.

So here I am. Seventy-nine days left to shop before Christmas 2014 and I already have two gifts ready for wrapping. I guess I can begin my list.

  • Place gifts where I will remember them this year. Duck Dynasty won’t be popular forever.
  • Remember to wrap them and present them to recipients this year.
  • Pray that the recipients are the same size they were last year.


From the life and mind of Wanda M. Argersinger

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