I write in English.

I think in English.

I dream in English.

I even speak in English most of the time, though you may have to listen closely to understand me with a southern accent.

So why are so many of my blog fans from Europe?

Yeah. My thoughts exactly.

Do the rantings, fumblings, faux pas, and life of a crazy white woman from the Southern part of the United States of America really translate into something that makes sense in the Ukraine? Or Sweden? Or China?

Can Europeans truly relate to the Bubbas I write about? Or the insane life I live? Do they know about red beans and rice, Mardi Gras, stilettos, ill fitting bras, and too many margaritas?

How are these people finding me and why do they keep coming back?

i am popular in europeDon’t answer that.

I don’t really want to know and since so many of my fans are apparently from some place other than the United States, I certainly don’t want to offend them. My guess is that when my blog is translated, the translated words are funnier than they are in English.

I do, however, have at least one fan in the U.S. Apparently this person lives in the exact middle of the country. I’m guessing it might be my friend Stacey, from Kansas. Don’t be offended if you are not Stacey, are not from Kansas, but are from the U.S. and like and follow my blog. I sincerely appreciate all my fans, followers, and the one lone stalker who remains a big piece of my life, um, I mean a big piece of my fan base. You know who you are, Clay.

I admit I was more than a bit surprised when I saw the above map with my followers marked in their respective countries. But seriously? Only one from the U.S. and one from Canada?

I do love to travel but most of these places marked in red I’ve never been too. Perhaps I owe all of this international stardom to Amazon, or perhaps I left my business card on too many international flights and it has flown more than I have and been to more countries than I can account for on my passport.

I was able to see that one person found me by using these search words “papaya in bra”. Don’t ask me why anyone would search for such a thing. I don’t want to know, but sounds like my kind of person and I’m thankful they found me. I’m afraid to research more and find what other search terms are being used.

I’ve dreamed of becoming an international writing sensation, but I’m not sure I’m quite there yet, and to get there I may have to learn a few other languages. Or perhaps not. Apparently they already find my writing interesting, either that or I’m the best joke in Europe.

I’ll take it either way.

From the life and mind of Wanda M. Argersinger

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  1. Carson Buckingham

    Hey, Wanda, insane is pretty much a universal language, I’m finding. Most of my fans come from overseas, as well. Go figure.

    Well done, as usual.

  2. Jay

    7-3 =fo

    As long as they are not from Nigeria National Bank.

  3. Jay

    7-3 =fo

    As long as they are not from Nigeria National Bank.

  4. Anna

    That spot in the middle of Kansas is probably me. My satellite signal always shows me right about there in the middle of the nation. so, whenever you see that mark, just translate it to Alaska, about 80 miles north of Anchorage, About as far from any dot on the map.

  5. I’m so glad to know I’m popping up on the map like the outie version of the country’s belly button. I often wonder if those analytics are right. Because if they are, what in the heck am I doing continuing to write. Hello…*echo, echo, echo.

    Here’s to 2015 being your big year in the foreign industry!!

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