If you find yourself with more than the normal 2 days away from work per week, do you make grand plans for what you will do with all those extra hours you

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  1. Teri B Clark

    I commend you on your triumph. I have pictures of me trying to learn to knit. Let’s just say it looks like my elbows are trying to fly and the different looks on my face were quite humorous! I’m sure your granddaughter will love her sweater!

  2. Anonymous

    I think I would have gave up….

  3. Ron Berry

    That’s how I would knit, er, crochet. I’ll stick to beads thank you. I’ll send you the one and only picture of my latest,

  4. Jo Worsham

    That made me laugh out loud! Cordoroy was my downfall…the nap thing. I used 7 yards of fabric to make (finally) a pair of slacks and jacket with the nap all going the same way and I was only a size 6 back then. I’d have to start drinking BEFORE I started crocheting a sweater. I can only do straight and circle.

  5. God, Wand, this is the funniest thing I’ve read in such a long time — It’s after 3 a.m. and my laughing actually woke Sgt. JL up and now he’s demanding that I shut off the computer and go to bed. Geez.

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