It’s now 7 p.m. day two of Coming Clean. Not too bad today. OK – so I spent most of the day with the same headache that plagued me yesterday. I didn’t drink too many Coca Cola’s (two I think), and other than the lasagna I had at my son’s house tonight I did ok. As for the people around me, I can’t attest to how they feel about day two.

Tomorrow will be the big test. I get to face the people I work with. Or should I say they get to face me – poor souls. I am supposed to attend a meeting at lunch, with people I don’t know. Might be easier that I think given that these people don’t know the happy, cheerful real me. They will just begin to know me as the raving, caffeine deprived, dieting lunatic. I wonder if they will invite me back?

My grandson and I spent much of today watching birds out the windows, the safest place for the birds. He was learning what bird is called what, the not so subtle difference in colors between the girl birds and boy birds. The males are always much more colorful, I’m sure it’s because they get to have caffeine and therefore have the energy to keep their colors up. The females are dull by color, but I suspect if we could tell the difference by their sounds, the females would be the bitchier of the species.

Anyway, it’s off to read a bit before I try to sleep. I can’t say yet that the lack of caffeine is helping my ‘lack of sleep problem.’ Perhaps that’s because I lay awake thinking about what I can’t have. I’ll keep you posted on the sleep or lack thereof, the survival or not of those I work with, and any new information on the birds.

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