Oooops! Sorry, I think it’s only day 3, just forgot for a moment. It’s hard to keep my brain working properly without its normal diet of caffeine, Coke and chocolate.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to eat for breakfast but I found a box of pressed grass squares in the pantry so had a bowl of them with some milk. They were much like I would expect the pressed alfalfa squares you feed the animals at wild animal parks and zoo. Big difference being, they like pressed alfalfa and it is a regular part of their diet. Pressed grass squares are not a regular part of my diet and I don’t enjoy eating them. I did have one 12 oz can of Coke early in the morning but so far have been able to resist the very strong urge to have another. The day’s not over with yet.

For lunch it was chicken, but I did stop at Chick-Fil-A and get a large D-I-E-T lemonade, the only diet drink worth drinking as far as I am concerned. For dinner I plan on having a salad. Well what I call a salad – tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions and feta cheese with some sort of Italian dressing.

The casualty count for today is actually quite low. One poor idiot driver is gone, but he deserved it. I swear. Honk your horn at me just because I have fallen asleep at the light due to the lack of caffeine in my diet and you deserve to be bumped off. The other idiot escaped, or perhaps I should say I escaped. I did my best to avoid the confrontation. It’s just that the car was in the left lane and would not move over no matter how much I flashed my lights or blew my horn. How was I to know it was a cop in an unmarked car? To me an idiot is an idiot, cop or not. Drive in the left hand lane for no reason and you are fair game, Coca Cola or no Coca Cola.

As for my sleep at night. Who knew that plain ole water would keep me up going to the bathroom more than Coca Cola that is loaded with caffeine which is a natural diuretic. I was up every 1.5 to 2 hours getting rid of all the water i drank. Ok – maybe you didn’t need to know that, but if you are ever planning on giving up Coca Cola and going to water, trust me – it’s important. I am about to fall asleep as I type this but I still have to go to the store to purchase more pressed grass squares and some other tasteless food for the rest of the week. Maybe they have alfalfa dressing for my salads. Oh yummmmm. Stay tuned for more updates from hell.

Ohhhhh, forgot to mention the withdrawal headache has moved on. At least I think it did. Could be still around and I just don’t notice it due to all the muscle relaxers and anti-nausea pills I am having to take for the tense back, and shoulders, and body and queasy stomach. Guess I’ll find out one day. For now it’s a good thing the headache is gone, or at least silenced. It means there is a smaller chance that I will be committing homicide today, and maybe even tomorrow. But that remains to be seen if I get to the point I can stop taking the other pharmaceuticals, and can stay awake long enough to notice anything in or on my head.

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