I want to be famous! I want to learn from other writers! I want to keep current on what writers are doing, saying and thinking! I want a break!!!!

A few years ago I joined a group of writers who are mainly writing humor. I need humor in my life. I love to laugh. I, myself, write humor. That wasn’t enough.

I found a group of writers online who, for some reason, call themselves “Southern” writers. I’m not sure why the name because many of the writers are not from the South and don’t currently live in the South. They do however write about life in the South and southern culture. Sometimes they are even funny and humorous.

The members of these groups post occasionally. Some members post more than others. Some days there are no posts at all.

If all of this wasn’t enough I signed up for Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, WhoIAm, Me.com, LookAtMeCozIAmSomething.com, and a bunch of other social networks. I started getting tweets, emails, comments, journal entries, and even a few sms messages from some really smart or smart assed people.

Was that enough for me? Not hardly. I have to have it all. One of the tweets from one of the writers I was following said something about a writer site she belongs to. I hopped immediately over to the site and submitted my wittiest words to see if they would accept me. I’m not sure I’m worthy, but did allow me to add my address and my posts.

Because I have 40umpteen different e-mail address, I decided to have the posts from this sited sent individually to my cell phone – just to be sure. I didn’t want to miss anything.

OMG! What have I done? This is not like the other ‘writer’s lists’ I belong to. These people actually write. And they post. And they comment on each other’s writings. They ask questions of each other. They make suggestion. They provide each other with sites to visit, conferences they may want to attend, books to read, and long entries about their daily lives. And each time they send a post it comes to my blackberry.

They post in the morning. They post all day long. They post at night – alllllllllllll niiiiiiiiiiiiiiight looooooooooooooooong. They post from America. They post from Australia. They post from the middle of the ocean. I think I even saw one post from Mars, but it was written by a man so I ignored it.

I can’t sleep because my blackberry vibrates all night long and that’s not the kind of vibrator a person wants all night long. I have tried to ignore the posts, but they scream to me – read me! I am important! Do you really want to miss what I have to say? And yes, even on mute my blackberry vibrates when a new e-mail arrives.

I haven’t been brave enough to come out of the ‘lurker’ state on this sight. I write. I write funny. But I don’t write prolifically and I don’t write 24 hours a day. How can I just jump into this writer family? How can I tell them to shut up and let me sleep? How can I tell them I already have more in my head than I can handle?

I thought about leaving the group but decided that would be rude. They have already seen my name and they have my e-mail address. I thought about having the messages sent in 1 long digest each day, but if I can’t deal with the length of the individual e-mails I know I would never be able to deal with the Non-Abridged format of a daily digest of the e-mails. And besides, if I did opt for the digest it would probably come in the middle of the night and my blackberry would vibrate itself to death from overload. I could never handle the guilt so I’ll just continue to sleep or not with the blackberry’s vibrations and hope that by osmosis some of their imparted wisdom will find its way into my brain. Or I’ll think about the song by the Beach Boys – Im pickin up good vibrations. Shes giving me excitations. Im pickin up good vibrations.

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  1. annab1215

    While reading this, I am thinking where in the world do you find TIME for this PLUS your other obligations…..I know you love to write, but geez, you need SLEEP….but now I know why the IDEAS keep coming!

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