OMG! Who knew? There is actually a “condition” known as hypotrichosis which is another name for having inadequate or not enough eyelashes. Whoda thunk it?

While some pharmaceutical companies are searching for cures to deadly diseases or at least looking for ways to make women look thinner, Allergan has spent mega bucks searching for a remedy to hypotrichosis. I saw it this weekend on tv. Advertised by Brooke Shields. I guess if I hadn’t seen the advertisement I could have gone my entire life and not known that Brooke suffers from hypotrichosis. It must be terrible to be a beautiful actress and have to live with inadequate or not enough eyelashes.

According to Allergan’s Official Website they have a product – Latisse – that is the first FDA-approved lash-enhancer that’s clinically proven to make lashes 25 percent longer, 106 percent thicker and 18 percent darker after 16 weeks of use. Also, according to the website, your eyelashes have growth cycles that range anywhere from a few weeks to a couple months. If you stop using their product your lashes will return to their former inadequate state during your next lash growth cycle. You can even watch the before and after photos of Brooke while her lashes are transformed from inadequate to…….. hmmmmmm, eyecatching.

I can’t help but think of all those beautiful women like Twiggy, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Scarlett O’Hara, and Lassie and wonder if they too suffered from this same dreaded condition. And if Latisse were around when they were stars would Latisse have helped them recover from the dreaded inadequate eyelash condition? I have to be honest and say I was so taken with their beauty, perseverance, and faithfulness that I never noticed if any of them suffered from hypotrichosis. I do think that Twiggy may have, but she wore those fake eyelashes so well that no one would or could have known for sure.

Ok – maybe this is a big, self-esteem affecting disorder that should be ranked right up there with inadequate lip color, fingernails that require filing, and small or barely visible toe nails on the little toe. I guess I can’t relate. Though I too look in the mirror and see eyelashes that are not dark enough, full enough, or long enough, I just put on a bit of mascara and voila’, I have dots all over my eyelids from where my lases touch. That’s what I thought mascara was for, to make one’s eyelashes look longer, fuller and more beautiful. Apparently, if I use Latisse, I will no longer need mascara.

What would a new medication be without its safety warnings and possible side effects? The Latisse website has a tab on their site that is titled About Safety where you can read all the various and myriad side effects. You should be warned, that as with all great discoveries, there are inherent dangers that come with the use of Latisse. Use of Latisse could cause permanent brown iris pigmentation. But hey, you would have beautiful lashes to show off your new brown eyes.

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