I recently completed my book, Y-Mee’s A B C Book of Emotions. In this book I take a tongue in cheek look at emotions from A to Z. I have stated on many occasions, both before and after the book, that the letter “C” is me. C is for Confusion, which is the land in which I live. I would think that confessing this on more than one occasion would be enough for anyone. Apparently it isn’t, not even for me. I am continually proving, beyond the glare of the slick surface of the pudding, that I do indeed, live and barely function in the land of confusion.

Take today as the perfect example. I was updating my calendar, so I would have at least a slim chance of being where I am supposed on the correct day of the month at the correct time I am supposed to be there. The problem with this attempt at organization is that I have many appointments with many physicians but can’t find the little appointment cards they provide when leaving. Normally this would not be a problem as I would have recorded the appointments in the calendar on my blackberry. But I am not normal, and I tend to lose just about everything. But I had a plan. I would simply call my doctor’s offices and ask when my next appointment is. I first had to call 411 to obtain the phone numbers for my various physicians. Don’t ask why I don’t have the numbers, it’s a long story. But with numbers in hand I began the process. It was lunchtime when I made my first attempt. Who knew, the people at the doctor’s office actually take a lunch and the office is closed during this time. I left messages hoping someone would call me back before the date of my scheduled appointment.
After listening to message after message about all these people at lunch I decided it would be best to continue this later in the day.

Fast forward to about 3 in the afternoon. I began the calls once again. I knew I had appointments with at least 4 and perhaps 5 doctors this month. Last year, I had a small surgery on my neck and after a few harried days of waiting for the results I returned to the physician to hear that the thing removed was not normal (go figure) but also of no concern. The doctor said to return for a follow up visit in January, which was many months away. So, I called this physician and got to speak with his wonderful nurse Joe. I asked Joe when my appointment was scheduled for this month. He looked in the computer, then asked my birthdate. Yes, I gave it to him. He said he didn’t see an appointment scheduled, but wait. He would pull my chart to see if I had been lost in the computer. Upon returning he stated that the doctor’s note said return as needed. Upon further investigation and prodding from me he did tell me that I did indeed have an appointment scheduled for January. January 2008. For those of you as lost as me, it is now January 2009. Joe was so good. He didn’t laugh until I asked if I had shown up for the appointment last year. Among the laughter I could hear him say that yes, I had indeed been at that appointment.

Ok, so the surgery was not last year, but the year before. And my January appointment was for 2008 not 2009. I’m still waiting to call the rest of my physicians. I need sufficient time to recover from the last phone call before I attempt anymore.

The Meanderings of a Muddled Mind
Wanda M. Argersinger
2009 All Rights Reserved

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