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Life In The Land of Confusion

If You Swear, And No One Hears It – Was The Effort Wasted?

I have to admit – I have met some damn good cursers in my life. Don’t bother checking the dictionary, that word is not there. A curser is not that little floating arrow on your computer screen. Nor is it ...

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Recap of Week 1 In Hell

I survived! Well, I sort of survived. I didn’t completely blow the diet. I can’t say that I lost any weight, but then again I haven’t weighed myself to see. Fear is the big factor there. I also didn’t kill ...

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Forget Hell – Today Was Just Plain Bizarre

Some days start out good and almost imperceptibly take a downhill slide. Other days start out bad and just get worse. And then there are the days, like today, that should never have been, but since they did occur they ...

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