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Waterboarding the Office Way

If there is a continual, annoying noise at work that the boss knows about but ignores because he can’t hear it in his office, could the noise be considered a form of torture such as waterboarding? Yeah, that’s my stance ...

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Jammied Up at Work

Do you ever have those days where you get up, get dressed, and head out for the day and only when you see yourself in some window or mirror you say Whapaheo? Yeah, me too. I’m walking around in my ...

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Can I Really Handle What I Think I Want?

Do we ever reach that perfect age and balance between being able to afford what we think we deserve and actually enjoying those things? Yeah, that’s what I think. Or I did until two months ago. That’s when I purchased ...

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Help, I’m Lost and Can’t Be Located

If you are unable to locate something you possess, do you consider this thing to be misplaced or lost? Yeah, me too. To a point that is. I’ve been pondering this as I recently was unable to locate two very ...

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