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If you find yourself with more than the normal 2 days away from work per week, do you make grand plans for what you will do with all those extra hours you’ll have in which you can do anything you ...

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High And Snide – A Match Made For Never

When other people make remarks about something you wear, like your shoes, and it begins with “I can’t believe,” do you think they really care, or are they being snide? Yeah, that’s what I think too. I wear high heels. ...

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For The Lack of a Brain Nicole Was Lost

Have y’all ever received an e-mail or note on Facebook that makes you shake your head and say, yeah, mmmhmmm? Me too. It wasn’t actually me this time. It was my friend EB. I know he’s a Great Blue Heron. ...

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Angels And Idiots Among Us

Do y’all believe as I do, that there are some things that should never be seen, heard, or even thought of? Yeah, me too. Today I saw one of those things. It made me shudder. It made me shake my ...

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Superman Is To Blame – And I Have The Proof

Personally I blame Superman. After all, if he were around today he would still need a place to duck into for his quick change act. If he still needed to execute that quick change act there would still be a ...

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