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Support Your Local Support Team

My website is hosted by a very large search engine company that shall remain nameless for the time being. (Hold your laughter until the end.) I am the only one with access to my information on this very large search ...

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A Sign of the Minds

My post to my blog today gave you a glimpse into just how the day began. Well, it’s now 2:30 in the afternoon and I can say with confidence that this morning was the best part of the day. As ...

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Spilt Milk

You know that old saying – no use crying over spilt milk? Yeah, that one. Well try saying that at “oh my God it’s early” in the morning when you are on your way to the office, have an important ...

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Homicide, Suicide or 25

             In some stores, restaurants, discount bargain establishments, and at the local poodle parlor I am considered a Senior Citizen and get a discount from these fine people. In other places I couldn’t get a discount if I had only ...

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The Deal!

It’s 4:30 a.m. It’s 24 degrees. I am trying to get the gate open so I can go to work. The lubrication for the gears is frozen. The gears are frozen. The gate is frozen in the closed position. I ...

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Wearer’s of Elastic Waist Band Pants Stand Proud

Okay. Let’s get this elastic waist band thing out in the open, discussed and then put around the waist where it belongs.  I’ve been hearing and reading a bit too much about this in the past couple of weeks and ...

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Goodbye 2009

2009 was not the great year it was supposed to be. At the beginning I had such high hopes and expectations. The accomplishments that were going to become reality didn’t happen. The things I was going to do, didn’t get ...

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