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Life In The Land of Lupus

Help! I’m Being Held Hostage By My Clothes

Are my boobs on crooked? Don’t answer that. It’s just that my blouse is so off center in the front I’m beginning to think that it’s not the blouse, but the boob underneath it. I’ve recentered it approximately 9 times. ...

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Popularity Breeds….Well, It Just Breeds

What happens when something obscure or never seen before becomes the “have to have it, be all to end all” thing on the scene? Yeah, that’s what I thought. How many of us remember when the Cabbage Patch Dolls hit ...

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Apologies, Thoughts, Waiting and Irritability

First the apology for not having posted anything in, oh I don’t know, two months or so. On June 1st I went in to a lupus flare and am still recovering. Actually we, my physicians and me, are trying to ...

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Nausea By Any Other Name – Please !

I have a contest running on a different site. I am looking for a different name for nausea and not any of those atrocious names that teenage boys apply to this malady. I am looking for a non-friendly, but easier ...

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