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Mirandized, Wandacized, or Just Plain Warned

Mirandized. Whether we have ever experienced it personally or not, it is the one case of law we are all familiar with. We have heard it enough times on television that were we ever to be arrested we could say ...

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Facebook’s Photo of the Day

Oh GREAT! I don’t get involved in many of the offerings on Facebook, and the one time I do I get punked.  I see all these things on Facebook all the time that I just have time to get involved ...

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Florida Snow Daze

I understand that it is probably snowing where you are, but I live in Florida. Snow is a rare thing. The radio is even announcing that there may be school closures. We understand closing the schools for hurricanes. After all, ...

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I Would Hate Them If I Could

Have you ever met someone that you just want to strangle? They annoy every part of you and make you insane? They would be the one person who could ever make the calm you go Postal. Yet they are so ...

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I never paid much attention to neat people other than to notice that they annoy me more than an unscratchable itch. It’s even worse when they decide to perpetrate an attack of neatness upon my messiness. It really screws up ...

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