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Imaginary Fiends

(Yes, that is the right word) What do you think lives in your dryer? Yeah, me too. Not so my friend Velma. According to Velma, her dryer is doing things that a normal dryer just shouldn’t be doing. Velma puts ...

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He’s Doing What?

If you were purported to be a super star, how far would your fame have to drop before you became “for sale”? Yeah, me too. I don’t know about you, but to me, it seems Montel has hit the skids. ...

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Night Terror(s or ists)

If you found out there were drug users in your neighborhood what would you do? What if they came in to your house and took your medications? Yeah, me too. A few nights ago some terrible racket disturbed my slumber. ...

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An Education of Words

If you don’t understand the language where you are living, what do you think the problem is? Yeah, me too. Such was the way with words in my early life. Oh, it wasn’t that I was slow or anything like ...

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A Good Deed Pays Off In Dollars And Cents

If a good deed goes terribly wrong, does the original intent of the act still count? Yeah, that’s what I think too. When I arrived at the salon yesterday to get my hair done, my stylist Carol Lynne was deep ...

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Water Aerobics

You know you should be exercising. You mean to do something about it. Everyone tells you that it’s good for you. You have a million reasons to do something else. What on earth would make you get off your duff ...

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Forgive Me, I Blinked

If something you do all the time changes, works differently than before, and begins to mess with your mind, what would you do? Yeah, me too. That’s what’s happening with Facebook. For about a week now it’s been driving me ...

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Fashio-Needsta !

Is it better to wander through the day oblivious to your fashion faux pas wondering why everyone seems to be in such a good mood when you’re around, or would you rather know you made a clothing blunder so that ...

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