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I Bags

(Warning: This story may have previously been posted on this blog. I’m too tired to remember.)   I currently own 9,347 bags of various sizes, colors, fabrics, designs, and uses. On July 6th or sooner, I will have 9,348 bags. ...

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If you put yourself in the public eye and open to criticism of your work, and criticism comes from an unexpected place, do you run and hide? Yeah, that’s what I would do. Lately some of my books have really ...

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Heads and Tails

If you get to work and only then realize that the clothes you wore are going to cause problems all day long, what do you do? Yeah, me too. That was me yesterday. I wore a blouse with a handkerchief ...

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June 1st The Undeclared Holiday

If you know how important June 1st is to Floridians and anyone along the Gulf Coast or Eastern Seaboard is and you don’t recognize it, should you be shot? Yeah, I think so too. It’s June 1st in Florida. It’s ...

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