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The Isle of Misfit Crochet

I crocheted the cutest blue teddy bear a couple of weeks ago. Sofie is perfect. That’s her name, Sofie. I was a bit cocky and way too sure of myself when I thought I would make Sofie a brother or ...

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Divots. They Aren’t Just For Golf Anymore

I don’t play golf but I know what a divot is when I fall in one. I have divots. Divots with my butt involved. Perhaps I have butt divots called cellulite but those are not the ones I speak of ...

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It’s Back To School Time

It’s August and it’s “Back to School” time. Wait! Before you say it, I know that I am over 50. I know that my youngest child is over 30. I know that there hasn’t been a school age child living ...

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Kudos, Crapola, and A Whole Lot of Garbage

WARNING: If you are extremely sensitive or see yourself in make-believe personalities that are a combination of the worst on these lists, then read no further. The individual portrayed below is not one person, but the worst traits of many. ...

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McHeating Pad

I hurt in places I didn’t know you could hurt in. No. I’ve not been exercising. I’ve been cheating. Well, sort of cheating. Instead of spending my time away from the paying job writing the next great American humor story, ...

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