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But(t) Wait!

But wait! If you order in the next ten minutes we will double your order for free. Simply pay the shipping and handling. But wait! We’re not done yet. For ordering in the next ten minutes we’ll triple your offer. ...

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Sign The Friendlier Forms

I just had to complete a W-9, which is one of those most annoying forms that all the businesses that you do business with want a copy of and that you make so many copies of to send out that ...

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To Sleep, Perchance To Sleep Safely – Uninterrupted

Yes, dear friends. It has happened. I knew it was coming. I tried to avoid it, but there are some things beyond our control. I have been sleeping in my van for the past few days. Don’t worry. It’s not ...

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As Goes New Year’s Day So Goes The Year

My Daddy once told me, during a heated discussion about my lazy butted self lying on the couch in a house dress after noon on New Year’s Day, that “however you spend your New Year’s Day is how you will ...

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