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Tunnel Vision

Tunnels on the roadway are frightening. Scary in fact. There are no tunnels where I drive on a daily basis. I thank God for this fact. I live in Florida. We tend to travel over things, not under them. Florida ...

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I never gave much thought to Valentine’s Day. Yes, I’m a woman. No, I’m not anti-love. I just never thought there had to be “one day only” where people showed love to others in their life. I discovered there are ...

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Hey! All fellow bloggers!

Join me in the second Rachael Harrie’s Second Writers’ Platform Building Crusade. You can join until midnight tonight so join now. Just go to http://rachaelharrie.blogspot.com/2011/02/second-writers-platform-building.html and follow the instructions. I’ll be looking for you there.

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New Jersey – A Foreign Land?

New Jersey should be declared a foreign country! I don’t watch foreign films. I speak only English and a few words in Spanish and even fewer words in Arabic. I can’t read the lips. I can’t find a plot. I ...

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How Much Wood Can A Groundhog Chuck If A Woodchuck Sees His Shadow?

Oh God! It’s February 2nd – who cares what year. It’s the day that the older than me groundhog living in Pennsylvania crawls out of his tree stump, looks around, gets scared by his own shadow, runs back inside, allowing ...

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Wade Rouse – Not The Boy Next Door (but he could be)

Do you like humor? Do you like to read it? Is it better if it’s true? And well written? Do you know Wade Rouse? If you do? Great! If you don’t, where the hell have you been? If you know ...

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