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Being Monday Should Be Punishment Enou

People often scoff at me because of my beliefs. I don’t take it personally – most of the time. On very rare occasions the scoffers get to witness first hand my beliefs in action. It takes nothing more than a ...

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Partly Clouded Today With A 98% Chance of Rage

Fair warning. I am handicapped today so get out of my way. I am sailing through the day with only one functioning eye. The one functioning eye has a contact lens in it as it does most days. The non-functioning ...

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I Need To Be Upgraded

Wanda 5.7 is not compatible with Android anything point anything. That’s a plain and simple fact. Anna told the guy who talked me out of a Blackberry with a QWERTY keypad into a Droid with a screen that collects fingerprints ...

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Rules For Your Safety

Welcome to my life. During your ride you will learn many fantastic things. You will laugh, and wonder in amazement. You will see, hear and experience things foreign to you. But, as with all rides into a new place there ...

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Stuck Like Glue

When did it change? This teenager / adult thing I mean. We had a party at my house this past Saturday. The partiers came in ages from 21 months to some in their sixties. Don’t ask who acted more like ...

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Don’t Mess With Mother Nature Or Southerners

Only 183 days to go and I have this feeling some of those days are not going to be so good. No. It’s not the number of days until school begins. Or even the number of shopping days until Christmas. ...

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