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Nekkid Inspiration

Have you lost your inspiration? Your muse? Your compelling reason to do whatever it is you do? Well try doing it nekkid. You heard me. Nekkid. As in sans the clothes. I thought I would never struggle with writer’s block. ...

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The Handwriting Is On The Wall

I wrote on the walls when I was a child. I got my butt whooped a lot when I was a child. I learned writing, drawing, marking, or defacing the walls in any way was a bad thing. Bad for ...

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The Rug Diaries

I used to have a dog. Now I have a rug. The dog was a cocker spaniel. The rug is a Royal Palace. Sam, the dog, had the reign of the house. The rug lies in the living room on ...

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Sunglass Saga – Part Duh!

Ooops! I made a mistake. Not a big one. Well, okay. Call it a major miscalculation. Remember I recently glued my sunglasses to my face. Well there are inherent goods and bads when you have sunglasses glued to your face. ...

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In The Dark of Light

I glued my sunglasses to my face today. Oh, not on purpose. It just sort of happened. I seem to have a problem with sunglasses. It hasn’t always been that way. When I was a child I wore glasses to ...

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