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Day Two Begins – We Are All Still Alive

Day two in hell has begun and everyone is still alive. Some of us survive by bitchiness, some by the fact that they are too young to escape to a safer place, and some are too oblivious to notice the drastic transformation taking place in front of their eyes. By transformation, I do not, at this early date, mean an obese person now looking svelte, but rather a nice person becoming a raving bitch. Oh well, it’s their life they put in danger.

Any Saturday, when my grandson is visiting, is a bad day to begin Coming Clean. He likes pizza for supper and who am I to deny him and in doing so deny my God given right to spoil him. We ordered pizza and yes, I did eat a piece, or three. But hey, I’m confessing it right here and now. To make my early failure come home fast, I just received a call from my youngest son. His significant other is making lasagna today. According to him, it’s like a really big deal and to keep her from having to freeze the greater portion of her creation we have been invited to help them consume said creation. What’s a mom to do? I guess I’ll forego food for today, and perhaps the rest of the month so I can help her out. The things we do for our children, and grandchildren. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t have a dog to blame for having to help him eat his food too.

On another note, my grandson and I did purchase, fill and hang some new bird feeders yesterday. Don’t worry. The birds are safe as is their food. I find it difficult to swallow and digest bird seed, with the possible exception of sunflower seeds. To be safe, I didn’t buy the variety that has sunflower seeds in it.

It’s now 10:19 a.m. and I have had 2 eggs, scrambled and some turkey bacon for breakfast. My grandson had some of the Cinna-mmmmmmmmmmmm bread from last night’s dinner, complete with the bucket of icing for dipping. I am proud to say, I did not have any. I find Cinna-mmmmmmmmmmmm bread way too chewy on the second day.

I’ll post again tonight. Say a prayer for me and all who cross my path. Ohhh, and remember those in the house of lasagna.

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