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The Proof Is In The Email

After 56 years I finally know the truth. My parents have been lying to me about my heritage. I am from the west coast of Africa, Ghana to be specific. By looking at me you might have doubts. Forget that ...

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To Doo Or Not To Doo

If someone asks you a question and you answer without thinking, is it possible that your answer was biased, prejudiced, or comes from a preconceived idea? Yeah, that’s what I think too. My dog of twelve years died four years ...

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Gobbledy Gook

Okay. I admit that I am old, well I’ll admit than I am older than some. But when did I fall off the boat or turnip truck, or whatever it is people fall off of these days? My nine year ...

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A Hairy Problem

If you are looking for accurate information regarding a personal problem, where is the first place you go? Yeah, me too. Thank God for the internet. You can find just about any information you want or need and a whole ...

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When Aliens Attack

If you knew you were under some sort of invasion or attack how would you react? Yeah, me too and it didn’t work. I am an over achiever when it comes to avoiding colds, the flu, the plague, lice, bed ...

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Humanness Of Parents Cause Shock In Children

If your children discover evidence that you are human, do you think they would be shocked and perhaps even scarred for life? Yeah, that’s what I think too. My friend Janice Jane, or JJ for short is just that, human. ...

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No Guts, No Story

I guess most people would say there is a fine line between telling everything that happens to you for the sake of laughter and keeping a few secrets for the sake of well, whatever sake there may be. I’m still ...

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